2.4 "For the consumer, control space is conveniently packaged for accessibility, efficiency, entertainment, fun, spectacle, freedom of choice, security. It must appeare benign.In this sence it is the most effective marketing tools ever invented. What could be more appealing than the promice of off-the shelf, do-it-your-self omnipotence"

Sze Tsung Leong in MUTATIONS, 2000

The Icon-project deals with space created by desire for order and control. One can detect this in its architectural appearence of interior. The space, with its bright, colourful but static lighting has a feeling of spectacle over it, which makes one wonder what kind of clientele the space has been manufactured for. One can suspect a wich for creating a feeling of anxiety and unease for the consumer, directing him/her to spend money, "shopping" (which of course is the only activity to conduct in this space) to compensate for the unease-feeling. The space takes on a certain surreal apparence and one can almost see a tendency for religious scenery emerging.

As in the Urban Junction-project, the space are being used as a kind of transitional area where the consumer is being kept a certain period of time. Necessity to adapt to the surrounding is required by the consumer to outlast the journey which often lasts more than 30 minutes. The pleasure theme in these spaces often results in the use of specific materials as wooden panel and coloured carpets combined with abstract art on walls which contributes to the notion of a time gap.The photographs in ICON project have been shot in following location:

HH Ferries, Helsingborg-Helsingör. SE/DK, DFDS Seaways, Newcastle-Göteborg. UK/SE, Vikingline, Stockholm-Åland.