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"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." -Arthur C. Clarke: inventor - satellite communication
"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." -Mark Twain Weather by Design -IONOGENICS slogan
"Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised... Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm. " -Former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski had already in the 1970s foreseen this in his book "Between Two Ages".




Fade of Shade, 2006 & Fade of Shade (inverse), 2006

Stora delar av filmen Days of Heaven (1978) spelades in under den så kallade "magic hour", stunden då solen sjunkit under horisonten och himlen är upplyst och ljuset mjukt avtagande. Stunden varar dock endast ca 25 minuter. Detta korta ögonblink speglar våran romantisering av himlen, när den är för oss som mest vacker och påtaglig. Fotoserien Fade of Shade leker med våran perceptionen av himlen och skapar synvillor av objekt och rymd. "... a favourite cinematographer’s moment as the sun dips beneath the horizon and can no longer be found, but before darkness falls, when a residue of light coats the earth like a smear of milk on the lens.
So fragile is the light that, while you take it for granted in broadest day, as it dies you see it as a thing in itself."Magic hour is a euphemism, because it's not an hour but around 25 minutes at the most. It is the moment when the sun sets and after the sun sets and before it is night, the sky has light but there is no actual sun. The light is very soft and there is something magic about it. It limited us to around twenty minutes a day but it did pay on the screen. It gave some kind of magic look, a beauty and romanticism." Nestor Almendros. Director of photography in Days of Heaven 1978Days of Heaven (1978) av Terence Malick

LINE UP (Coffeyville, Potter, Ramnäs, Aurora, Pinneberg, Shansi), 2006

Hail causes nearly one billion dollars (U.S.) in damage to property and crops annually. National Geographic.
Hail is the number one reason for weather modification in USA, substantially sponsored by insurance companies.


Aurora (new champ), largest approved hailstone through all times in USA, 17,8 cm in diameter, found in Nebraska, 2003.
Shansi, Kina, world´s heaviest hailstone, 4 kg. 1902.
Potter, longest record holder in time measured in USA, 17,5 in diameter, Nebraska, 1928.
Ramsnäs, largest hailstone found in Sweden, 2 hg, 1953.
Pinneberg, Germany. 1925.
Cofferville, the old and most reliable record in USA, 14,5 cm in diameter, Kansas, 1970.

AURORA, 2006

Aurora (new champ), largest approved hailstone through all times in USA, 17,8 cm in diameter, found in Nebraska, 2003.
To be considered a record holder in USA the hailstone must be approved by NCEC (The National Climate Extremes Committee).

The hailstone Aurora is now stored at National Center for Atmospheric Research i Boulder, Colorado, where it will be kept indefinite.
Aurora (new champ) has been drawn in natural size, 7 hg.

The Other Woman, (Emily, Rita, Wilma) 2006

A storm does not get a name until its winds blow as fast as 39 miles per hour.

Category 5: the highest categorization for Atlantic hurricanes. Among Category 5 storms: Emily, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, was Hurricane Wilma, the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic.

In 1962 the US took cloud seeding to the next level by embarking upon Operation Stormfury. The idea was to effect weather’s most powerful event: the hurricane.>>

Project Cirrus was the first attempt to modify a hurricane but the hurricane changed direction and made landfall near Savannah, Georgia. The public blamed the seeding, and claimed that the reversal had been caused by human intervention. The project was cancelled. >>



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FACIT - a story of a rise and fall (and answers to all dreams between), 2007

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